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Spousal maintenance (alimony) may be awarded by the Court on a temporary basis during a divorce action as well as following a divorce. In certain cases, spousal maintenance may be issued indefinitely. Depending upon the form of the award and the wording of the decree, a material change in circumstances may warrant a modification of post-divorce spousal maintenance or alimony.In that event, it will be necessary to file a modification of the court order.

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What Is Spousal Maintenance?

Spousal maintenance (also commonly called “alimony” or “spousal support”) is money paid from one spouse to another spouse during the divorce process and/or after a divorce is finalized. The goal of spousal maintenance is to ensure, in certain circumstances, the lower earning spouse’s financial needs are met after a marriage ends.

In Texas, spousal maintenance is determined based on a number of factors

  • The length of the marriage
  • The earning capacity and education of the spouse seeking support
  • The age and health of the spouse seeking support
  • Non-financial contributions to the marriage (raising kids, being a homemaker, etc.)
  • Child support payments, if applicable
  • Other factors, including the value of the assets and debts awarded to the lower earning spouse in the decree of the divorce.

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