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If you and your spouse have significant financial assets and are getting a divorce, you need an experienced attorney. The financial impact of a divorce can affect your taxes, credit history, insurability, estate planning, pension, and business. In divorces involving substantial assets, understanding how to protect your rights and interests begins with an understanding of how marital property is divided in the state of Texas.

The division of marital property can be complicated. Working with an experienced attorney who understands what to look for and how to uncover hidden financial information is crucial. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, contact divorce lawyer Mark E. Wewers today.

Complex Financial Matters and the Division of Marital Property

Attorney Mark E. Wewers consults CPAs and forensic accountants and other professionals to determine the value of homes, cars, closely held businesses, pension funds, stock portfolios, real estate, and other investments. Working with financial experts, Mr. Wewers compares tax returns, bank statements, credit reports, and other financial documents in order to uncover hidden assets or debts.

The Law Office of Mark E. Wewers, P.C. represents clients in regard to the following issues involved the division of marital property :

  • Spousal support / alimony : The amount of property which a spouse receives can affect the need for alimony or spousal support, especially if the property is income producing.
  • Business valuations and property valuations : In order to achieve a fair settlement, it is important that business assets and other marital property are accurately valued.
  • Pensions and retirement accounts : Whether vested or unvested, some pensions and retirement assets can be difficult to value. Our firm can help you obtain fair valuations of pensions, IRAs, SEP accounts, annuities, 401K accounts, mutual funds, and other retirement or investment accounts. We can also assist with the division of complicated pensions and retirement assets through qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs).
  • Fraud and asset concealment : One of the most difficult divorce issues can arise when one spouse tries to hide money, property or other assets from the other spouse. In order to obtain a just property settlement, it is important to find and identify all of the marital assets.

Other complex property issues can include:

  • Calculating self-employment income and expenses
  • Personal injury settlements
  • Commercial property and business assets.
  • Division of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  • Debt division and asset division issues
  • Mineral rights, oil and gas interests

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