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When the custody of your children is at stake, choosing an attorney is an extremely important decision. You want an attorney who, like you, makes your children their top priority. You want a lawyer who is experienced in child custody cases and has experience as a trial attorney in child custody cases. At the Law Office of Mark E. Wewers, P.C., we focus our practice on family law and offer experienced representation.

At our office in Grapevine, Texas, we provide dedicated, cost-effective, and caring legal services to mothers and fathers involved in custody disputes in divorce, post-divorce, and paternity cases. To schedule a free consultation regarding child custody or modifications at our Tarrant County law office, please contact us.

How Can We Help You?

Some of the custody and child support matters we handle include:

  • Custody in Divorce Cases: Every parent who has been an active and positive influence in the life of his or her child has a right to continue to be active in his or her child’s life during and after divorce. If you are seeking a divorce and have minor children, now is the time to retain an experienced divorce attorney to fight for your parental rights.
  • Child Custody, Child Support, and Medical Support in Paternity Cases: If you are a single mother, we can file a paternity action on your behalf to establish paternity and seek child support, medical support, and if appropriate, retroactive or back child support and medical support on your behalf. If you are a father being denied parental or visitation rights, or seeking custody due to a concern about an unfit mother, our office has significant experience in such cases.
  • Modification of Custody/Visitation/Possession: Our office represents parents who are seeking a modification of custody or defending against a motion for a modification of custody and/or visitation/possession.
  • Grandparents’ Rights and Third-Party Custody: Grandparents and third parties can seek access, possession, or custody of a child in certain circumstances. The primary concern of Texas family law courts is the protection, welfare, and best interests of the children. Contact us today to discuss your rights.

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