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The only lawful and enforceable way to change the terms of a divorce settlement concerning the party’s children is through a court-approved, post-decree modification. Too often, ex-spouses mistakenly believe that if they both verbally agree to a change in conservatorship, or child support they can’t be held responsible for any failure to follow the court’s order. However, any deviation from a divorce decree that is not court-approved is not enforceable. If a custodial parent agrees to let a non-custodial parent pay reduced or no child support or, a non-custodial parent takes primary custody of a child, parents could find themselves facing jail time or other penalties.

The Law Office of Mark E, Wewers, P.C. works closely with families in petitioning the court in regard to post-divorce modifications of custody, spousal support (alimony) and child support. Even if your ex-spouse is opposed to a modification, the court will consider the facts involved and make its decision accordingly.

If job loss, illness, or an employment opportunity in another state has created the need to change the terms of your divorce settlement, contact family law attorney Mark E. Wewers today.

Changes in Circumstances and Post-Divorce Modifications

The Law Offices of Mark E. Wewers, P.C. represents clients in post-divorce modifications involving changes to the following:

Post-Decree Modifications – Reasons Recognized by the Court

It’s not uncommon for job loss or illness to adversely affect someone’s ability to make child support or spousal maintenance payments. In such cases, preparing medical records, financial information, and employment history may convince the court to modify child support and spousal maintenance obligations.

In the case of child support, failure to obtain a court-sanctioned modification could result in your being responsible for any amount in arrears, with interest. Additionally, in order to collect back-owed child support, your wages could be garnished and you could be sentenced to jail. Even if you have a signed statement from your ex-spouse agreeing to a temporary decrease or halt in child support payments, the court most likely will not enforce the agreement: child support is not intended for your ex-spouse but for your children.

Questions? Contact Post-Decree Modifications Lawyer Mark E. Wewers Today

If you are facing financial difficulty or anticipate relocating, initiating modification proceedings as soon as possible can reduce the likelihood of legal complications later. If you need additional information regarding post-divorce modifications, or want to request a change of custody or support, contact divorce attorney Mark E. Wewers today and schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

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